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Common Questions

Why recycled Pallets

Thousands of tonnes of discarded timber pallets and similar materials are collected to be reintroduced as useful materials into industry.Trojan Industrial Group now also recovers, repairs and re-sells 26,000 timber pallets per month.In total, an additional 2,000 tonnes of waste timber may be recovered and diverted from landfill.

The Trojan Industrial Group activities also address the shortage of hard-wood supply in Victoria and offer a genuine alternative to “NEW” pallets which are generally softwood pine and only have short life span in the pallet pool due to breakage and inability to recover timber for re-claim and re-use. Hard-wood is a superior product, stronger and far more “re-cycle” friendly than its pine substitute.           

Our new equipment will allow the total number of recovered waste timber pallets to increase from 32,000 per month. Most of this material was formerly disposed of at landfills.

The Trojan Industrial Group proposal has many benefits, including:

  • Expanding and extending the life of the wood fibre supply.

  • Contributing to carbon storage.

  • Reducing the amount of recoverable wood going to landfills, and

  • Contributing to the development of industrial processes utilising a variety of recoverable wood fibres.

  • Most wood waste generated as a bi-product of industry tends to be bulky packaging waste in the form of pallets and packaging crates. The combined disposal of wood and general waste in uneconomical.

  • Reduces environmental impacts arising from timber waste disposal to landfill.

  • It extends the life and maximises the value extracted from raw materials.

Is supported by forest and paper industry who have an interest in facilitating and encouraging the recovery of scrap wood to conserve natural resources and expand the fiber supply

Where is the Trojan Industrial Group

Garden Rd Clayton - see map           

Why Trojan Industrial Group

Trojan Industrial Group Ltd has embraced the concept of Total Quality to enable service and business performance to continuously improve, develop and match the needs of the market.

The quality and reliability of our products and our service are the means by which we will grow and prosper. Our prime objectives are customer satisfaction and their confidence in the quality of our products and services.

To achieve this, we shall meet customer needs and contract specifications to enable us to develop lasting relationships. We will achieve this objective, by fostering alliances and relationships with other suppliers, establishing and maintaining effective quality assurance systems across all our products and services to ensure that requirements are identified and that consistent and systematic process control is applied

Is mulch for sale

Mulch can be purchased from our head office

Something about the Pallet industry

The pallet industry essentially for fifty years has not greatly changed, apart from the technological side of better handling equipment (fork lift) and nailing equipment. The market in the past has mainly been dominated by large players such as CHEP Australia (Brambles) and Loscam, with small businesses providing companies with other non-hire needs such as non-branded pallets and repairs to pallets pools.

In the past ten years, significant change has taken place with the increased use of highly automated machinery for manufacture, sorting and repairing of timber pallets. Other new equipment such as plastic, cardboard, steel and fibre pallets have entered the market, creating alternative to timber for specialized needs.

However, regardless of these new products, timber pallets whether a hire or plain pool pallet (non-branded) remain as heavily used as ever. CHEP, the largest supplier in the market has 12 million timber pallets in its national pool and some 150 million world-wide and recent emphasis on salvage and re-manufacture of its timber pallets and increasing their pool without injecting so many “New” pallets.

This enables Trojan Industrial Group to move forward with confidence and assured future as they have the Victorian agreement to purchase all of CHEP’s used pallets (400-500 cubic meters per week) for reprocessing into re-manufactured pallets for industrial use.

Can We Deliver

Of course. We have 4 of our own trucks and use many sub-contractors to deliver inter-state, regional Victoria and metro Melbourne from 1 to 10,000 pallets.

What's the Difference Between New & Second Hand

Generally, when large weights are being lifted (over 1.5 tonne) per pallet, we advise a new pallet for the job, just to add that extra strength factor. Our second-hand pallets are of a uniform and consistent quality, being 'ex-hire' pallets, so for storage and distribution are very good value for money.

What Export Pallet Should I Use

Depends on the configuration of the product, size and container. Each pallet has different attributes, so its important to choose the right pallet to suit.

Need My Pallets Yesterday

We've heard it before many times! The last thing you think about are those 'pesky' pallets. Our turn-around times are the fastest in the business! Within 24 hours from order is our promise.

Can We Put Our Company Name On Our Pallets

No problems. We spray and stencil in company colours for many of our clients.

What Can I Do With My Broken Pallets

2 choices: We can repair them for you or 'change-over' pallets with a fresh batch and take your old ones away.

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